Original Poetry: Dark Present


has become synonymous with dude not as ominous when viewed in black ink apart from the scarlet inflection of a hard “r” by a pale face in an era prior to ours


when a race war was explicit and not hidden like today


is what anyone can say and/or be referred to as

no pretense or preference to shade, we’ve evolved beyond that and can see clearly that the differences among us are in the minutiae

at least in the public square

but the board rooms show us as the minority as opposed to the court rooms


I think it just that time be served for crimes committed but the guilt also lies with the city planners separating these new age slums whilst hipster trend setters push in and push out

new residents require a new residence

u gotta pay to stay

n!gga please

I don’t got that kinda cash so I’ll just couch crash until the drought pass

its hard out here n!gga

we shall overcome? I doubt that

we fade

elated with letting our brands name us


no longer the age of movers and shakers where mountains crumble at our collective feet but enter the reign of isolation and pain desperation and strain


but when the smoke clears feeling powerless to effect change

we’re broken

cash strapped, no capital gains and since money makes the world go round we’re just

joggin’ in place

futile exercise

no enterprise, content to relay our real estate, pass our productivity so that we are served by others but not supporting ourselves

I’m just addressing the state apparently the color of our President hasn’t bled onto the fabric of society just yet

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