Add to Cart: Summer Beginnings

‘Add to Cart’ displays the items yet to be introduced into our wardrobes and explores the types of garments, accessories, etc. that compose and accentuate our personal style.

The highly anticipated Summer ’13 is officially here, and there’s plenty of reasons to be excited. For one, the seemingly endless and crude winter is now a thing of the past (at least for another five to six months), and the unpredictable and inclement Spring weather is finally subsiding–let’s hope it’s not a fluke. On a second note, the chance to swing those to-die-for items from your favorite menswear brands’ Summer collection in full rotation is finally here. I’d take full advantage. 

Unwind, relax, and cater to the comfort that ought to come with getting dressed. Summer won’t be here for long, and neither will the opportunity to wear garments such as these J. Crew’s short-sleeve shirts and chino shorts, as well as these espadrille shoes from Soludos. These slim-fit Pengallan boxers, though, are an all-year-round kind of deal, especially if daring is your game on those sunny days at the beach. 

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