Dividing Lines

People are diverse; in culture, personalities, beliefs and circumstances. We are all different given the various factors that influence our development during the earlier and later stages and these are what make us who we are. With that said, these differences–in genetics, culture, preferences, ability and/or disability–are no reason why we should discriminate an individual from another. Amidst the differences we observe in others, one fundamental thing remains true and indisputable, we are human beings, and must be treated as such, first and foremost.

Differences ought to be celebrated, not condemned. And the world we live in makes it difficult to understand the concept behind this notion. As children (and even as young adults), we are brought up with this ideology that everything is two-sided: people are either good or bad, wrong or right, in or out, rich or poor, normal or abnormal. As a result, our perspective on the external world becomes skewered; we begin to seek out discrepancies in others as opposed to acknowledging them as is, we look to condone or condemn, accept or shun, and in the process set others up for failure and feeling incredibly inadequate.

Our goal as a people should be to spur the development of character in others not spoil it, to see them live up to their utmost potential even if that means encouraging and lending a supporting hand on our part to those that need it and are willing to take it. Our methods of calculated thinking must be shifted, for people relations and matters are not so clear cut and black and white, but instead are complicated and must be approached with care to ensure the fostering of better relationships.

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