Gradual Process

It is almost difficult to put into the words the magic that occurs from the moment we decide to learn something to the moment we begin to thrive in it. The whole thing just sort of happens, with the transition from novice to expert becoming blurred in the process. Everything that once seemed too difficult and incomprehensible to grasp almost becomes second nature.

This is the usual sequence of events when we venture into unknown territory. The task initially seems paramount and overwhelming, but as we get acclimated to the conditions and continue to discover what is required and what needs to be developed, our chances of performing said task beyond the standard measure, will only increase. There are times where I’ve found myself thinking something was improbable to accomplish, however, remaining steadfast and true, and applying myself helped to prove otherwise.

That magic that occurs is strictly owed to the persistence and consistency of our efforts. And once we learn to get in the habit of continuity, things begin to fall into place and we come out much better.

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