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In sitting to reflect on the past year, I realized that brevity in this case would be ill-fitting. On Tuesday, Stephen and I acknowledged that we weren’t truly friends until this venture. Of course we’d known each other for a long time but this year has challenged us to organize effectively, resolve conflict quickly, and learn the value of deference, all while maintaining our individualism. It’s easy to be absorbed, or consumed, by another during a partnership and it’s taken diligent work and deep discussion to convey all that we present to our audience with conviction and integrity. We are not the same person but we are very alike. Finding a voice independent of the other’s opinion (yet still considerate of it) has allowed us to grow, considerably. It has fostered a positive working environment, with an even exchange of responsibility, accounting for our shifting schedules. Personally, this year has been one of incredible change and this platform has been a great vehicle for some much need creative release.

With the original premise of the blog (to chronicle our paths to maturity), we’ve seen that manhood is a marathon, with obstacles. Trying to navigate this harsh landscape requires us to, in many ways, relinquish our pride. In this year, I’ve learned to take advice, not just listen to it. The old adage says: “knowledge is power”. I say wisdom is power, because wisdom is applied knowledge. We want to cater to the whole man in order to make the man whole. Of course, we include our sartorial insight and new discoveries. Ultimately, want our fellow ‘Gentlemen in Training’ to look as good as they are, so that the mirror contains an accurate reflection of the one standing before it: confident, coiffed, cultured, candid, concise, courteous and compassionate.

It has been so rewarding to connect with those who share this vision and are positioning themselves to make it a reality, personally and corporately. Join us in growing forward by sharing any anecdotes and advice. Our tandem is definitely expanding.

The journey continues.


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