Cityscapes: Hästens

On the corner of East 82nd Street and Madison Avenue lies a shop markedly different from its neighboring shops. And inside is a beautiful display of bedding materials and equipments, an inviting layout of wall art, and pristine interior design upholstered with modern furnishings. The window front, in a fairly bold typography, reads: “Fall in love, every single night.” It’s almost difficult to imagine that this is a shop that retails hand crafted beds. But when you’re a privately owned company with five generations in its lineage, and a single vision: to produce a one-of-a-kind bed and provide as much benefit for the user as possible, it rings less as a surprising feat. Hästens‘ focus is quality, refined aesthetic and functionality, and that doesn’t stop at their products. One glance at their shop is all you need to affirm this.

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  1. I love hästens, I remember the first time I came across the brand. Super expensive but a girl can dream. :-)!

  2. Haha, indeed. I’m looking forward to paying an official visit to their store.

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