Add to Cart: Crewneck Sweatshirts

While rummaging through the archives of Wax Wane, an insightful, lifestyle blog dedicated to the finest of brands, people and products, I came across a brand: S.N.S. Herning. In his article, in which he briefly introduces the brand and its history, Jake Gallagher (author of Wax Wane) sheds some light on one of the products which embodies the concept of “weathering the storm.”

The “Fisherman,” as it is referred to, is a crewneck sweatshirt made of pure, new virgin wool and features a bubble pattern that is unique to the brand. Crafted with unparalleled detail and care, the sweatshirt proves to be an ideal garment for the the colder months. All that said, it’s safe to acknowledge that not everybody is willing to shell out $275 on a whim.

For the amount most of us are willing to spend however, here are a few viable options.

Saturdays: Bowery Chest Sweatshirt

J. Crew: Solid and Sueded Sweatshirt

In this transitory period between seasons where we all take strides to assemble a wardrobe fitting for the frigid conditions of Fall and Winter, sweatshirts such as these are worth considering in lieu of hooded sweatshirts. For two reasons, especially: 1) to avoid excessive layering and 2) to improve upon the average casual look.

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