Sound It Out: PROM-uhl-geyt

We think in descriptors. Whatever we perceive, be it in ink, type, color, pixel, or sound, we ultimately seek to qualify it with words. Words are forceful. They can build, mold, or rend. They can encapsulate or expose, grieve or grow. What we say about ourselves has an undeniable impact on our capacity to achieve.

“Though there is nothing wrong with starting small, speaking that way will keep you there.”

There is power in confession, and consequences to each class that we utter. When we are negative, we position ourselves for disappointment. Trying to leverage expectations to make failure hurt less is a clear indicator that you are neither confident in nor passionate about what you’re pursuing. The same goes with tentatively investing. Attempting to minimize the effect of a result shows a lack of thorough processing prior to action. Though there is nothing wrong with starting small, speaking that way will keep you there.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you lack a grasp of reality you can’t make an honest appraisal of your efforts. You’ll be relegated to bouts of over excitement and fleeting interest, often seeing a bud but rarely a bloom. A goal without a time table is a dream and, sadly, many never wake up. You can feel free to set a lofty goal as long as you plan for it. Expecting something to fall into place without taking the necessary steps, be they in advisement, education, saving, etc borders on the delusional.

What you say invariably dictates what you value. What you value determines what you support. What you support feeds who you are. If you are the only person in your corner (which I doubt), declare good things, value yourself, support yourself. Strip away the negativity you ascribe. Actively seek opportunities to remind yourself of your strengths. And change weaknesses into areas of growth. Be careful to weigh your words. They matter.

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