Original Poetry: Wide-eyed

“Actions speak louder than words”

Hence I delve into their volumes and read between their lines.

I find that the things we observe impact our perspective far more than what we listen to.

An open eye to fields of vision resonate more than echoes in a dark cave that no amount of squinting can pierce through.

No wonder why we close our eyes when we need to hear something clearly: the faculties work in different classes and counter coordinate but get lumped in the same school of sensory perception.

Now I get the reason they say “not everything that glitters is gold” because you can’t hear rust but it’s visible.

Auditory devices don’t compensate for lack of ocular stimulation at least not without practice.

and no one wants to commit to stubbed toes and the perpetual mummy pose when the lights fade.

Subject to the unknown, sounds are more frightening when you can’t trace their origin when you can’t identify what’s on the horizon and your composure is just a facade because if things were suddenly illuminated your face would still be rife with that temporary terror

We’re gripped by our dependencies, writ with tendencies that ruin or redeem us, and a lot of that is based on what we’ve seen.

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