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“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” -Bill Cosby

Nothing keeps us from performing at our utmost potential more than fear does. Fear veils vision, and consequently leaves us with no sense of direction or a clear path towards the attainment of our goals. As an immediate effect, most of us either remain in a fixed position or tread rather cautiously (the proverbial, “perpetual mummy pose“, as Thierry puts it) in our endeavors, so as not to take a step in a “wrong” direction.

As long as this remains a recurring thought process, the chances are you’re most likely more afraid than you are confident in your pursuits. And while it’s not entirely detrimental to have moments of doubt, it helps to keep the sole purpose of your pursuit(s) in mind.

Every endeavor comes with a certain amount of risk and requires an imbalanced measure of anxiety and confidence. The degree to which the scales are tipped rests entirely on you. The more diligence is invested in one’s devoirs, the more confidence is amassed, and the better performances become.

The most critical aspect of the pursuit of a dream or goal is having a core purpose carved out before delving in. No matter how difficult things get down the line, you can always refer back to the ROOT for inspiration, motivation, and energy to press on. Without a core purpose, you’ll find that there is no true sense of dedication to the pursuit and it gradually becomes easier to bypass your delegated duties with excuses.

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