Winter Wardrobe: Cozy Comfort

Beau Hayhoe is currently a journalism student at Michigan State University. He runs a tandem fashion blog, Siblings with Style, with his sister. Follow him on Twitter and Pinterest and check his Tumblr page for more style inspiration. 

Some days (weekends for instance) call for style that’s comfortable, casual and particularly in the winter, warm. However, there are certainly better options than the uniform most guys stick with (usually involving an old college logo sweatshirt or t-shirt). There’s nothing wrong with hanging onto those vintage items and wearing them as you please — if you love it, wear it — but there are certainly upgrades that can be made, even on the most casual of days. The look below is comfortable for lounging around the house, doing chores, or tackling the cold weather on a quick errands trip.

The T-Shirt

Yes, this look starts with a T-shirt. Nothing too fancy here. But, unlike the value pack shirts you might pick up from a chain supermarket (nothing wrong with that either), this shirt is ultra-soft, more comfortable and a bit more fitted through the sleeves and chest, something that helps if you’re using it as a starting layer. And a simple crewneck tee is just a good item to have on hand on its own — it’s about as much of a style staple as a shirt without a collar can be.

The Sweatshirt

Moving onto the next layer, we stick with another crewneck, this time in sweatshirt form. A sweatshirt (minus the hood) is actually a nice upgrade to the typical hooded number, and it can even be dressed up a bit in other situations by pairing it with a nice OCBD or similar casual shirt. The J. Crew option pictured above is, again, soft, warm and quite comfortable, from personal experience. The stripes give it a nice touch of color-blocking, too. The other defining feature is the sweatshirt’s slimmer cut, a nice move from the retailer as other clothing options lose excess fabric, too. This definitely isn’t the crewneck sweatshirt from Animal House, make no mistake. On your top half as well, consider adding another dash of color with a unique watch band since the outfit is largely neutral.

The Pants

Here, we keep with the entirely casual theme of the whole outfit, this look goes with sweats. Yes, sweatpants. There are just days where it’s great to have a nice pair on hand, and just like the sweatpants, the other difference here is the fact that these are cut slim, with a nice taper to the ankle. They also fall in line with the recent trend toward athletic and sportswear. From personal experience, these are exceedingly comfortable. They’re a surefire upgrade from baggy Nike sweats, and they do away with any type of logo, too.

The ‘Jacket’

Ideally, this would be a ‘lounging around the house’ sort of outfit. But if you need to run the dog outside, take the trash out or visit the store down the street, you’ll need an extra layer to beat the cold weather gripping the country. Something with a bit more casual feel should do the trick, and above all else, should be warm, comfortable and keep you dry and cozy — the entire theme of the outfit. The suggested down vest isn’t overly fancy but it fulfills its function, especially if paired with a nice knit cap, like the one pictured below (from Urban Outfitters).

The Shoes

Given the casual construct of the outfit, we top it off with a pair of sneakers. But, like all the other sportswear pieces in this outfit, these aren’t your typical clunky athletic shoes or basketball sneakers. These kicks have style to burn. From CLAE (a younger-leaning brand making nice hybrid styles), these are cut like a classic chukka boot but with a sporty silhouette. More importantly, these shoes also eliminate the gaudy logo seen on so many athletic sneakers. They’re about as classic-looking and unobtrusive a shoe style as you’ll find, besides perhaps a Chuck Taylor sneaker. The tapered cut of the sweatpants should sit nicely on top of these shoes, capping off the entire look with a streetwear vibe.

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