No Hassle: The Classic Oxford by Trashness

Some days, you just need to get up and go. Time is a luxury for everyone, with job demands, school projects or social engagements taking their due toll. But you never want to sacrifice style for the sake of speed. Just because the clock is ticking doesn’t mean you have to look rushed. That’s why the Trashness Extreme Cutaway Classic is the ideal grab for a sprint to the office, a quick errand, or when you’re running late for a night out.

The slim cut and non-iron oxford fabric conform to your body. It feels equally light and durable, and still allows for a good range of motion. The cutaway collar is great for a suit and tie or for sprucing up a casual ensemble. And the bonus: it’s only $38.

If you’re looking for something contemporary, comfortable, and cost friendly, head over to Trashness and check out the rest of the collection.

You’ll thank me later.

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