Add to Cart: Håndværk

Generally speaking, I tend to favor a minimalist approach to design whether it be in the visual arts, spatial design, or clothing. For this very reason, Handvaerk stood out to me as soon as I was introduced to the brand. A luxury essentials brand, Handvaerk’s focus is on the garments and clothing accessories that serve as a backbone to most men’s wardrobe; t-shirts, undergarments, scarves etc. Though quite basic in function, these pieces are defined by their form; the implemented construction techniques, detailed craftsmanship, and sourced fabrics ensure classic and elegant products.

To emphasize Handvaerk’s penchant for minimalism, all products are not only designed with a refined structure in mind, they’re offered in a variation of three subtle colors: black, white, and several shades of gray.

With these choices, and more to come, making a decision would seem to be the easiest thing to do to build your wardrobe.

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