Loose Threads

Trust is the fabric of relationships, intricately woven, intimately tied. But when one tear occurs, it will begin to fray. You can repair it (some more skillfully than others) but evidence of the damage will remain. It is quite delicate. A broken promise, a late arrival, a missed appointment. Something as simple as a harsh tone indicates lack of consideration which leads to lack of appreciation and ,finally, lack of confidence. Faith, if anything, should be abundant in a relationship. But, for many of us, our trust is drawn from thin spools that we hesitate to refill.

Self-preservation has become priority number one and anything that may threaten it logically takes a back seat. It’s completely rational. But real relationships retain an inherent risk. There is that “what if she doesn’t catch me?” sentiment that plagues the mind, in spite of the numerous occasions those arms have brought comfort and security. What do we do? Commit, daily.

Thoughts inform our actions. If your concentration is on maximizing that ability, extending your arms even before you see a pair open for you, you’ll reap the consequences. You have to reconcile that “it might not always work” with your determination to see it through. Obviously it can’t be one-sided (for health and sanity’s sake) but if both partners begin to embrace this new mentality, thoughts will change and actions will rise to meet them.

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  1. Beautiful piece Thierry!

  2. Thank you Jenelle! The learning curve has been steep but I’m enjoying the journey.

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