Your Shoes, Your Way: Awl & Sundry

What if there were no limits? While most shoe companies carry a conservative amount styles in select color ways and materials, Awl & Sundry is changing the footwear landscape. By offering a full scale custom experience, they aim to deliver the offline, made-to-order model, online. And the platform builds community: ‘designers’ as patrons are called can be inspired by others designs or set a precedent of their own.

as2I got a chance to chat with founder Nikunj Marvania about his aspirations for the brand: “I started Awl & Sundry because I couldn’t find a shoe that I absolutely loved at a price that justified the purchase. At the end of the day, I would have a shoe that someone else had. I wanted to make them my own without paying the bespoke premium. So I spent some time traveling to figure out how I could get a shoe of comparable quality with the features that I wanted at a decent price. Then I realized that I needed to share my experience.”

as1Selecting a style, last, toe, vamp, eye stay, back, shade, texture, lace color, and stitch color works out to about 2 billion permutations of handmade footwear. Virtually exhaustive and quite impressive considering that there are about 3 billion men on the earth! And they plan to release options for boots in the near future.

as3The interface renders real-time changes so you can envision the build of your shoe. After seeing a few pairs at their offices, I think customers will be very pleased with the end result, especially considering that each pair comes with complimentary shoe trees and a shoe horn. Service par excellence. Find out more by checking their site here.

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