New Formula: .Bk

Implementing a contemporary approach, .Bk is breaking away from the standard. A recently established men’s wear brand on the scene, .Bk boldly says no to the seasonal beat of fashion and embraces a new formula: a monthly release of limited edition gear, a creative technique sought and utilized for its conservative benefits. By releasing products in a limited fashion, they avoid mass production and inauthenticity, and are able to remain creative while appealing to a larger market.

“We created .Bk as an independent brand for the digital age. It’s not about the retail buyers anymore; it’s about connecting directly to our customers and forming a small, dedicated community around our brand.” –Teghvir Sethi

Founders, their launch collection, is a proverbial nod to creatives and entrepreneurs alike and features ten hand-numbered button-down shirts at a run of 100 each. Among these shirts is the Contrast Pocket OCBD (as seen above), a classic reupholstered with a pocket accent. 

With enough variations available at their online shop, there’s a lot to look forward to, and you don’t have to wait an entire season for the following collection.

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