Outdoors With Fjällräven

Many of today’s great companies have their beginnings traced to a small operation in a garage before the means to expand presented itself. Fjällräven shares a similar account. Founded by Åke Nordin in a quaint Swedish town, Fjällräven was conceptualized as an innovative solution to the lackluster design of the backpacks of the ’50s. Youthful and brimming with vigor, then 14 year-old Åke crafted the first model of his envisioned backpack in his garage, which would serve as the foundation of a distinguished brand.

Today, Fjällräven offers a wide range of products that are carefully designed, constructed, aptly functional, and environmentally conscious. “For us, quality is not just how well a product works and how long it lasts, but also how it has been produced.” Indubitably, the cumulative effort required to produce each item and equipment on Fjällräven’s catalog is indeed intricate and remarkable, and it only goes to show the company’s dedication to excellence at every level as they continue to grow and expand.

The Kånken, Fjällräven’s iconic backpack, for instance, is a good measure of both the strides that the company has made since its initial backpack concept and the undeniable characteristics that set the backpack apart from its contemporaries. Made from Vinylon F, a synthetic material known for its durability and moisture repellent qualities, the Kånken is the perfect supplement for the adventurer, or the casual hoarder of things. And with a simple, user-friendly design and seemingly limitless size and color variation, it is even more of a catch. (It also has a special padded compartment for your laptop!) As a photographer, I was pleased to find that the bag was designed with photographers in mind; a padded photo insert easily transforms the bag into a safe, carry-on haven for a camera, lenses, and other photo equipment. 

There’s more, you’ll just have to look. See Fjällräven for similar products. 

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