Timely Fashion: Seiko® Astron GPS Chronograph 8X Series

I reviewed the Seiko® Astron GPS Chronograph as part of a sponsored partnership through the SocialStars #AstronElite initiative. Admittedly, I’ve used timepieces more for flair than function but with an impressive list of features, this was a great chance to discover something new. Unequivocally, the measure of a good watch is its efficacy. Apart from flawless design and attractive add-ons, it’s precision is of greatest value. It is, ironically, is a timeless accessory. In this tech-heavy digital age, the simple mechanics that power motion and accuracy make for such a beautiful accoutrement. But with today’s demands, integrating fine craftsmanship with the growing need for global connectivity can lend a modern vision to a classic concept.

I headed to their Madison Avenue boutique for a fitting and immediately felt the difference in overall utility. Having been conditioned for the past few years to fumble for my phone whenever asked for the time, this eased the transition as I began to explore the functionality (and relinquish a bit of my Apple dependency). The premium is obviously on comfort, with a lightweight titanium frame and mid-sized dial, made possible by their energy efficient compact signal receiver as opposed to other watches in the same space. The finish is clean, with a sapphire crystal that is almost invisible, contributing to exceptional clarity. It gets pinpoint accuracy by syncing to a single satellite but also offers flexibility for the world traveler by connecting to four satellites to capture the changes in timezone. The self-sustaining system is powered by all types of light, virtually eliminating the need for a battery change. And the Seiko® Astron provides a perpetual calendar that is guaranteed to give accurate day/date up to February 2100, irrespective of leap years.

The Seiko® Astron is a go-to for a daily commute or a venture overseas, combining refinement, grace, and style in an innovative accent. I’m looking forward to more outings with Seiko®. See more from their new collection here.


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  1. Just got mine and I have to say it’s awesome!

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