Faces, 2014


This year was full of memories but the most impactful were not the events but the people. As we head into 2015, we wanted to share those who inspired us with their craft, commitment, creativity and character. Allow us to make the introductions.  

Karl Edwin Guerre

Karl Edwin Guerre, Guerreisms

No one is easier to talk to (when you can catch him). He is a genuine soul with a keen eye and great comportment. To watch his evolution has been inspiring and his support and encouragement of what we do is both tangible and deeply meaningful. 

Neil Watson

Neil Watson, A&H Magazine

A kindred spirit and incredible thinker, he continues to be an inspiration. One of his many beliefs is that your best work should not only be appreciated but be worth preserving.

Quinton McClemm

Quinton ClemmEidos Napoli

In addition to managing their sales (and probably a whole host of other duties as part of a two-man team), he is possibly the most personable and easy going person. He embodies the Eidos experience in rare form, truly wearing the clothes as an extension of his taste and persona.

Eliezer Infante

Eliezer Infante, North of Man

A diverse talent, he is always expanding his repertoire. Truly “in the business of visual stimulus.” Hats off to Fulano.

Ernie Ulysse

Ernie Ulysse, Alexander Nash

A refined gentleman and a progressive mind, he is exemplary of the Nash lifestyle. Style conversant and always sharply dressed, he is dedicated to his craft and clientele. 

Shaka Maidoh/Sam Lambert

 Shaka Maidoh/Sam Lambert, Art Comes First

We shared a table at dinner in Las Vegas and seeing how they approach their craft, hearing their respect for technique and construction left an indelible mark. To create is necessary. 

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