On a Mission with BRAUN

The scene: the roar of the engine as the sports car races to a screeching halt in front of you. Your driver exits and introduces himself. You’re seated and given an iPad with a message that will self-destruct in 10…9…8… Destination: unknown.  Earlier this summer, Braun unknowingly added to my birthday festivities with a private launch event for their most technologically advanced electric shaving system yet, the Series 9.       

I joined the Braun team to learn more about the engineering feats that have led to this point and ultimately the focus on customer performance and durability (with a complete tutorial on facial hair and how it grows). The SyncroSonic technology sets Braun apart in both efficiency and comfort. Braun has spent years priding themselves on the closest shave and iterations throughout that time have set the stage for what the Series 9 is able to accomplish.   

     As the mobile shaving head vibrates, the blades simultaneously lift and cut hair growing in various directions, the OptiFoil getting down to the micrometer to grab as much hair in one stroke. So (1) less time to shave (2) less irritation and (3) more time between shaves. As a proud beard owner, I’ve seen how wild my facial hair can get so being able to effectively trim the ones that crop up after a few days keeps me looking expertly coiffed.


The shaver itself is a marvel of design: sleek, lightweight, easy to maneuver, water-resistant and complete with a self-cleaning system. The ticket price is around 350 USD and it’s built for  longevity: even with a twice weekly shave, you won’t need to replace the blades for about a year and a half. And as of this August 10th, it’ll available at select retailers. Here’s to precision and the pursuit of perfection.