The Ideal Pursuit: Quiet Confidence

Within the framework of the elegant man lies a quiet confidence. He commands authority due to way he carries himself, his walk, and the manner in which he speaks and interacts with others. He glides calmly across a room, aware of himself and others’ perception of him. He exudes a casual grace, making others at ease through his relaxed demeanor. That’s the essence of quiet confidence.  
Actions and interactions are the cornerstone of confidence. That’s conveyed through means of communication, verbal and nonverbal. One may answer a question, for instance, firmly and assertively, rather than merely loudly to connote a sense of authority. The elegant, quietly confident man doesn’t rely on brute to enforce his opinions. There’s no need to drown out others since dialogue is valued.

 Kamau Hosten The Ideal Pursuit Genteel Flair 
When the clichéd idea of the masculine man is written into advertisements or plotlines, he’s typically brash. There’s an overarching need for the character to assert for his domain verbally and physically. Walking with loud, forceful steps, speaking louder and with a more aggressive tone than his counterparts. These are lingering images of what masculinity is and what it shouldn’t be. Confidence is the root of this ideology, but is expressed in an archaic form. I like to believe we’ve evolved from the barbarism (though I can’t explain the popularity of MMA) of centuries past.

Now, the concept of being quietly confident is natural for many men. Kofi Annan and Barack Obama as two obvious examples to follow. Both are eloquent, yet authoritative when they speak. And when they speak, folks listen. Of course their positions helps, but it’s also a reputation built decades prior to being on the world stage that’s the backbone of their confidence.

Elegance is, across the board, always opting for a more dignified approach. Confidence doesn’t come from brute. It’s a combination of tact and commanding authority through measured words and substantive actions, rather than reactions. It’s another component to the elegant man, to be quietly confident.

Photo by Bevin Elias.

Kamau Hosten hails from Ocala, Florida and is the founder of The Ideal Pursuit, an online platform that celebrates better living. “Only through growth and evolution, experience and exposure, are we truly able to step out of our comfort zones.” 

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