Status Quo

Recently, I was challenged to rethink our current state of masculinity. Throughout time, we’ve witnessed two ends of the spectrum. First, tyranny: in the home, workplace, and the political arena. We’ve experienced the leveraging of strength and influence for the retention of power, many times reinforced by our own fear of the unknown. For a woman, it may be: “what will happen if he leaves?”, even though she may not survive if he stays. For a child, it can be: “what will he say?”. There is nothing worse in their world than to be disapproved of or disappointed in. What we’ve known is a subtle manipulation masked by an overt brashness, a perversion of the intended station of a man in society. Instead of protecting and providing, he is coercing and conniving. His purpose is personal gain to any extent at the expense of many. He has ceased to care.

Then, on the contrary, we also see the overly sensitive. The passive supporter of all, lacking a decent bone of conviction, reluctant to make any waves or stir the figurative pot. He has lost his footing so he takes no stand, content to melt into this “modern” mold. He is not only aware of his emotions but his actions are driven by them, never exercising forethought or seeking insight, willing to buy now and pay later.

Gentlemen, what we need are roots. In Genesis 3, we have the picture of our failure: his charge is deceived, he doesn’t hit reset and come to her defense, he seeks an excuse from his self-inflicted shame. He diverts responsibility and, from his position of fear, he posits that his Maker and his gift are at fault, retreating instead of recognizing “mea culpa”. Ultimately, we have a single issue: trying to maintain our ‘own’ image instead of embracing that in which we were made. Stern yet sensitive, powerful yet patient, honor-bound and humble.  Physically strong, emotionally available, mentally engaging and spiritually rich. Let’s be that change we want to see, that desperately needs to be seen (felt, and known).

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